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  • B.L. Corey is an international wedding photographer specializing in a signature blend of classic and photo-journalistic approaches to wedding photography. Corey is a Maine native who now resides in Boston's North Shore with his wife Tracy and is soon to be joined by his daughters, Julissa and Johanna, through the miracle of adoption. He frequently shoots weddings throughout New England and East Coast US areas, as well as international destination locations. If you stumbled upon the blog and are looking for the main wedding website, you can find it here.

    Corey's work has been seen in bridal magazines, travel magazines, as well as editorial images featured in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and National Geographic online. Corey is a member of the Professional Photoraphers of America, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and the Digital Wedding Forum.

    Corey is also a published author, and holds a masters degree from Gordon Conwell.

“Best of” 2010

Did we forget to tell you that once again, we were named to One Wed’s “Best of” wedding vendors list, again? We were ranked among the top 4 wedding vendors in the state of Massachusetts. Check it out here!

From Turks & Caicos to Portsmouth, NH

When I flew down to Turks & Caicos last year to shoot a wedding, who knew that I’d been yet another couple who’d become part of the Corey Pro “circle of friends”. Working with Erica and Rob was fantastic- their wedding location- Portsmouth, NH was a long way from Turks & Caicos, but we certainly had just as much fun! We had a great time while getting ready with all of the bride’s maids (one of which was Erika from the Turks wedding), lighting in the church was simply amazing (which is like hitting the lottery), and having booked several hours into their day for photos, we hit the streets of Portsmouth for a really fun urban shoot. At the end of a long day, I couldn’t have been more thrilled with how everything turned out, from start, to finish. Even more than that, I see Erica and Rob as my friends- and who doesn’t like shooting a wedding for a friend?

Christine & Dan’s Engagement – Salem, MA

Recently I had the chance to have an engagement shoot with Christine & Dan, which turned out to be the first time we’d ever met in person. I wasn’t sure how they’d do in front of the camera; some folks are more natural than others when it comes to being photographed. WOW, these guys made my job easy… they had fun, care-free personalities, and were so obviously in love that they couldn’t have hid it had they wanted to! So, when it’s our time to go shoot your engagement- just do what Christine & Dan did: they were themselves.

Friday Photographer

Happy to see that we are the featured photographer today on the Real Maine Weddings blog!

You can check out the interview here:

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